March 30, 2014

me doing vispo

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this is the cover image of my new chapbook as a part of the ambitious project this is visual poetry generously run by Dan Waber of chapbook publisher. me doing visual poetry, in the form of more or less weird photos is about as likely as madonna doing something like this & i’m delighted he liked the madness

March 1, 2014

& a new

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poem in the new issue of Open Letters Monthly

February 22, 2014

my new book

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this thing just happened is hot off the press from gradient books beautifully run by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. & with a wonderful cover photo by my better half. it’s probably the weirdest book i’ve done (until now) & i’m absolutely delighted that it found such a good home. the first 20 something poems were composed in 2005-06 & the rest in 2012-13 using one of the poetry experiments outlined by Charles Bernstein inspired in turn by Bernadette Mayer. as i put it in a note at the back of the book

take the first & last word of each line of the selected texts, write them down exactly as they stand & then, without changing the order of the words or adding anything, cut away words until the poems appear. then they may be arranged into lines & stanzas

February 15, 2014

as a footnote

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to my recent e-book. the cafe by möllevångstorget was called coffee point & served really good turkish coffee in beautiful tiny cups


February 10, 2014

big bridge

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the new issue is a treasure

January 12, 2014

(the note) i.m LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka

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because each volume is distinctly different from all the others

because a simple ballpoint pen is sufficient

because somebody blew up america & the lecturer has not yet risen

because somebody needed to say these things & take the shit-storms bound to follow

because these lines are written in a place that is really nowhere

because racism is still alive & kicking using iron pipes

because public service radio censors anti-fascist songs

because anti-fascism is always self-defense

because you set some mighty high standards for questioning the mighty

because our heads are still colonial

because you gave us new slightly more spacious hearts

because the previous statement is existential & political & not clinical

because capitalism is a mental state & you knew it isn’t healthy

because fresh air is a good thing

December 31, 2013

ending the year

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i want to remember Regina Derieva who passed away on december 11. i met her briefly twice, 2005 in malmö & 2007 in stockholm. on both occasions for international poetry festivals. & speaking of her poetry i enjoyed it a great deal although we lived in different literary traditions. as for everything else i could say, it’s better stated on the arc blog & in the comments. all i can add is a brief poem

(the gun)

i. m Regina Derieva

central london pub

pint of bitter winter

call from alexander in stockholm

you have retired

bitter winter indeed

at least no snow for now

November 8, 2013

my new e-book

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excuse my vandalism was published yesterday by the eminent Red Ceilings Press. this makes me very happy for one reason, apart from the fact that these poems have now gone forth into the world. these short poems (none more than 15 lines) are the first functional ones i wrote recovering from being an assistant nurse, a job that eventually broke me down competely both mentally & physically. i won’t go into the details of that & the sickening working conditions except to say that for the last 6 or 7 months & the first 2 or 3 after leaving i wrote hardly a single line of poetry that could be of any use to anyone. & me being used to my daily minimum of 2 poems, hoping that at least one of them works. so first part of rehab; reclaim poetry. which seems finally to be happening. this inevitably leaves the e-book a bit random, something i can’t really see as a problem. there are some unifying features such as the form of some of the poems, the Mao & Marcos poems, the poems dedicated to Pansy & Carol, the more or less found poem character of a couple of them, the silliness etc


there may also be some copies left of what’s in a, the print chap Red Ceilings published in 2011 should you be so inclined

October 15, 2013

& 2 more

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today at SCUD. & you really should check out their archives while you’re at it

October 6, 2013

new poems

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most recently in

Belleville Park Pages 8

& The Ofi Press Magazine Issue 32


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