September 5, 2014

& today

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Nicanor Parra is 100 years young. i could do an essay on what his poems have done to my head. but i won’t.  not now anyway

September 3, 2014

& we have a new book in the world

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screenshot201409amy new book means is now published by the mighty Knives Forks and Spoons Press. the best way to pique your interest might be a link to my next big thing ”self”-interview. huge thanks to Alec Newman for all his work on this & all the other cool books he keeps publishing. support him, buy direct from the press

the cover photo was taken by my better half

September 1, 2014

a week

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of new poems by yours truly, one a day, at throg sludge, hot on the heels of the great company of Arielle Guy & Jess Mynes. all beautifully edited by Aaron Tieger

August 24, 2014

short note on yesterday

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yesterday, in malmö, the cops tried to murder anti-fascist demonstrators. i say murder because it was premeditated. repeated cavalry shocks & armoured trucks driving into us. blocking ambulances from getting to the most seriously wounded. & all to defend the meeting of an ambitious nazi party at any cost

July 24, 2014

catching up a bit

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so it’s been a while since i posted here. shall we catch up a bit. means, my new book is currently about to depart from kastrup. it could be here tomorrow. i have a new poem in the latest issue of upstairs at duroc, in some brilliant company & on truck. expecting the arrival of the new issue of POEM magazine with two translations – a poem each by Gunnar Harding & Per Wästberg as well as a poem of my own, all in memory of Regina Derieva. & yesterday a new poem from my collaboration with richard lopez in moss trill with one more due in cordite on august 1. on saturday me (poetry) & Petra (photography) are off to östra sallerup to take part in a festival organized by Tomas Ekström & Maria Lindberg. in all other news we have quite a decent summer, i’m an intern at iransk-svenska solidaritetsföreningen where i teach swedish & a bit of english, plan cultural events, proofread & generally serve as some kind of in-house intellectual. in an environment populated by iranians & afghans. so life is good

May 2, 2014

new otoliths & collaboration

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the new issue of otoliths is once more a huge wonderful field to get lost in. it includes the first 5 pieces from  bad hair climate,  my ongoing collaboration with lovely poet & great guy richard lopez. i leave you with the announcement from mark young

There’s some Herodotus quote about cyclones not staying us from accomplishing our appointed course; &, despite two more — one of which tripped harmlessly down our main street — since the one that caused the previous issue to come out a couple of days early, we’re back on schedule & issue thirty-three of Otoliths is now up.


In this quarter’s mailbag, missives from Anne Gorrick, SS Prasad, Richard Lopez & Lars Palm, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Mark Melnicove, Mark Reep, Márton Koppány, Peter Ganick, Philip Byron Oakes, Jack Galmitz, Eric Hoffman, David-Baptiste Chirot, Bob Marcacci, David Dick, Youdhisthir Maharjan, Raymond Farr, Steven Fraccaro, Heidi A. Howell, Scott Metz, A. J. Huffman, Richard J. Fleming, John M. Bennett, Les Wicks, Howie Good, Jean Vengua, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Martin Edmond, Sheila e. Black & Courtney Spohn, Sheila e. Black & Caleb Puckett, Andrew Taylor, Sophie Herxheimer & Andrew Taylor, Bobbi Lurie, Wayne Mason, Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallón, Mitchell Garrard, Robert McDonald, Joe Balaz, Claudio Parentela, Sara Jean Lane, Chris Ashby, Anne Elvey, bruno neiva, Lakey Comess, Maria Garcia Teutsch, Nicholas Bon, Francesco Aprile, Simon Perchik, Steve Tills, Owen Bullock, Anela Aliotis, Olivier Cans, Mark DuCharme, Sarah James, Roger Williams, Massimo Stirneri, Jeff Harrison, Alberto Vitacchio, Neil Ellman, Carla Bertola, Aditya Bahl, Cat Leonard, Anne-Marie JEANJEAN, John Pursch, sean burn, Lucy Wilks, Pete Spence, Willie Smith, Jake Goetz, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Marcia Arrieta, Sam Langer, Susan Kachor Conlon, J. D. Nelson, nathaxn walker, Jim Eigo, Michael Brandonisio, Bob Heman, Spencer Selby, Bogdan Puslenghea, Ric Carfagna, Reijo Valta, Carey Scott Wilkerson, Katrinka Moore, & Javant Biarujia.

March 30, 2014

me doing vispo

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this is the cover image of my new chapbook as a part of the ambitious project this is visual poetry generously run by Dan Waber of chapbook publisher. me doing visual poetry, in the form of more or less weird photos is about as likely as madonna doing something like this & i’m delighted he liked the madness

March 1, 2014

& a new

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poem in the new issue of Open Letters Monthly

February 22, 2014

my new book

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this thing just happened is hot off the press from gradient books beautifully run by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. & with a wonderful cover photo by my better half. it’s probably the weirdest book i’ve done (until now) & i’m absolutely delighted that it found such a good home. the first 20 something poems were composed in 2005-06 & the rest in 2012-13 using one of the poetry experiments outlined by Charles Bernstein inspired in turn by Bernadette Mayer. as i put it in a note at the back of the book

take the first & last word of each line of the selected texts, write them down exactly as they stand & then, without changing the order of the words or adding anything, cut away words until the poems appear. then they may be arranged into lines & stanzas

February 15, 2014

as a footnote

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to my recent e-book. the cafe by möllevångstorget was called coffee point & served really good turkish coffee in beautiful tiny cups


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