May 6, 2015

look who’s singing

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9 years ago Bill Allegrezza published my first chapbook through his then very young moria. today he published my new chapbook look who’s singing which makes me very happy. first of all because moria is still alive & kicking. & of course because this slice of madness found such a good home. for all practical purposes it’s a continuation of the song part of my first book, road song for (corrupt press, 2011), though this time it’s more punk & such than last time. on the site there’s a free pdf if you’d like to read it before you buy the paper copy


April 7, 2015


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in the email over the weekend. the poster for a collective vispo exhibition in brazil i’m part of. & in some wonderful company at that. opening may 14 by the wayPoster A3 - MIRAGENS - Países e Autores

March 30, 2015

10 years

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how do i sum up 10 years of writing only in english? that anniversary is upon me by the end of the month. it has been mostly good literary years, & the bad parts have been due to work almost killing me. how about a bibliography from 2006 on? these are the books of varying length, pamphlets & broadsides folded or not that have appeared under my name

mindfulness, moria, 2006, 20 pages (print, on demand & free PDF)

houston, furniture press po25c series, 2006, 4 pages (freely distributed print – out of print)

on stealing lips, the martian press, 2006, 18 pages (print, edition of 60 – out of print)

is beside the point, big game books tinyside #34, 2007, 6 pages (print, edition of 50 – out of print)

riot, self-published, 2007, 2 pages (print, A4 sheet of paper folded lengthwise, edition of 40 – out of print)

some hay, meritage press tiny books series, 2007, 40 pages (print – handwritten on demand)

death is, by the skin of me teeth press, 2007, 13 pages (print, edition of 52, probably out of print)

the, ungovernable press, 2008, 9 pages (free e-book)

östergötland (a found poem), ungovernable press, 2008, 8 pages (free e-book)

mispell, ungovernable press, 2008, 17 pages (free e-book)

in the news, ungovernable press, 2009, 7 pages (free e-book)

over this here rainbow, wheelhouse press, 2009, 20 pages (free e-book, site apparently taken down)

cantar de mio corman, teeny tiny, 2009, 6 pages (freely distributed print, first edition of 50, may still be copies left)

under the sun, self-published, 2009, 1 page (print broadside – out of print)

fragments from this, chalk editions, 2010, 37 pages (free e-book)

when the earth moves in, open palm press, 2010, 4 pages (folded sheet of paper)

whomeanswhat, sacrifice press, 2010, 10 pages (freely distributed print)

on foot, furniture press po25c series, 2010, 10 pages (freely distributed print – out of print)

for good behaviour, Differentia Press, 2010, 29 pages (free e-book, site apparently taken down)

ho(s)tel windows – w photos by Petra Palm, PoFot, 2011, 20 pages (free e-book)

(s)he dead, red ochre press, 2011, 5 pages (free e-book, site apparently taken down)

what’s in a, the red ceilings press, 2011, 28 pages (print, edition of 40, may still be copies left)

road song for, corrupt press, 2011, 96 pages (print – on demand)

addendum, self-published, 2011, 2 pages (an A4 sheet folded to A5, handwritten – out of print)

chaos on/chaos off, obvious epiphanies press, 2012, 102 pages (print – on demand)

mulhouse, the greying ghost press pamphlet #39, 2012, 2 pages (folded sheet of paper)

excuse my vandalism, the red ceilings press, 2013, 36 pages (free e-book)

this thing just happened, gradient books, 2014, 56 pages (print & free PDF)

this is visual poetry/by lars palm, this is visual poetry, 2014, 16 pages (out of print)

means, the Knives Forks & Spoons Press, 2014, 92 pages (print)

& a translation of

Serendip’s travel book by Azita Gharehman, swirl editions, 2015, 26 pages (free e-book)

& from here, on to new poetic adventures

February 23, 2015

of you

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221837_1041063040673_1991_ni’m happy to announce that swirl editions has published Of You by Maxwell Clark. he submitted it before i set the unnegotiable limit of 50 pages for e-books but i think i would have made an exception anyway because i really like the baroque wildness of it

these were the 4 e-books waiting to be published, i’m adding translations to a volume by Tomas Ekström, but that might not be done until april, so the field is wide open for new manuscripts. guidelines are simple. maximum 50 pages, word document, if possible formatted as A5. vispo as jpegs. & where are the manuscripts by all ye brilliant women?

issue 3 of the zine is slowly under construction, so if you have a few pieces you’re welcome to submit. unpublished in any form. same file requirements. & translations of living & consenting writers (that goes for e-books as well)


February 20, 2015


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Halvard Johnson is a wonderful poet & editor & now swirl editions has the great pleasure of announcing his latest e-chap Trapeze hot on the heels of Junkyard Dog & Songs My Mother Taught Me from gradient books. with his submission he also sent another cool e-chap titled MainlyBlack

February 19, 2015


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it brings me great pleasure to announce the publication of the second e-chap from swirl editions, A Small Compendium of Bats by Mark Young, magnificent editor of otoliths & wild poet. & for the first time it feels relevant to use the word batty to describe a book. go read & enjoy & just maybe you won’t look at a bat they same way again

February 18, 2015

welcome swirl editions

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A bokswirl editions, the e-chap arm of the zine, was born today with the publication of my translation of Serendip’s travel book a long poem/sequence by Azita Gharehman, the first of (at least) 3 such i will translate for a planned book thing. this is the second chapbook size translation of her work to english. the first one, simply titled Poems (tr by Elhum Shakerifar & Maura Dooley), was published in 2012 by poetry translation centre in London. not surprisingly the lovely cover image (reproduced above) was taken by Petra

January 28, 2015

curator aquarum

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derieva anthology covertoday Ars Interpres Publications released their anthology in memoriam Regina Derieva, edited by Alexander Deriev. it includes 1 original poem & 7 translations by yours truly alongside work by many other fine writers & artists

January 6, 2015

camera games from 2014

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001 (9)003 (8)004 (9)006 (5)008 (2)009 (6)011 (3)020023 (2)031 (2)035 (2)051 (2)

January 3, 2015

that was 2014. now onwards

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2014 is gone. it was a good literary year for yours truly. 2 books & one chapbook, poems in magazines, translations done & published. strictly chronologically it would look something like this

february 22 this thing just happened from gradient books

march 1 a poem in Open Letters Monthly

march 30 a chapbook in the now discontinued series this is visual poetry

may 2 5 poems from my ongoing collaboration with richard lopez in otoliths issue 33

then later in the spring & early summer saw poems online in truck (first of the year) & another richard lopez collaboration poem in moss trill & in print in Upstairs at Duroc & POEM magazine (one of my own & 2 translations)

august 1 saw another of my & richard’s poems in Cordite

the first week in september was active with a daily poem monday-friday in throg sludge just scroll down a bit, a poem in an eileen tabios & company folio in otoliths issue 35 & on

september 2 means was published by the Knives Forks and Spoons Press

november saw another poem in truck, a print publication of a translation of a mad poem by someone called Joar Tiberg in CLP & on november 30 i published the first issue of my new e-zine swirl

what might the new year bring? what i know so far is that i’ll soon publish the first 2 e-chaps from swirl editions with at least 2 more following in february. further on in january i have a poem & 7 translations in an anthology dedicated to the memory of Regina Derieva & sometime later a poem in a new book by Eileen Tabios. all the rest remains to be seen

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