September 5, 2015

today is a good day

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product_thumbnailto quote a song & album title by New Model Army. Nicanor Parra turns 101 years young & gradient books published all hat, no cattle being a selection of 8 years of hay(na)ku. it’s one of these books you could potentially never finish as there’s always new pieces to add &, as i settled for 72 poems plus the long (144 stanzas) one at the end, remove. but then came the point where i thought no more poems could be removed so then i decided to try to send it out into the world. & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen was quick to accept it. for which i’m very happy. & not surprisingly the cover image is by my lovely Petra. & you can get a copy for next to nothing

July 2, 2015

weekend in Berlin

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on friday morning me & Petra got on the bus to Berlin & arrived at zentrale omnibusbahnhof in Kaiserdamm in the afternoon. to celebrate our arrival we bought 3-day tickets for public transport & berliner kindl & got on the strassenbahn to Landsberger Allee & Generator, our hostel to check in & leave our bags before heading for Friedrichshain & what’s left of town for an ancient punk & anarchist & an old electromusic fan. our first stop which we found after some confusion was still around but closed due to illness so we headed to this squat bar before the tram back for a somewhat early night. long busrides tend to drain you of energy

saturday morning. breakfast. went to say hello to Karl & Friedrich.001 some shopping. Petra got a pair of shoes & i finally got a good pair of shorts & more importantly new sandals. so i put them on, stuffed the old ones in the box & we find a dumpster in the middle of Alexanderplatz for a proper burial ceremony. as documented by Petracollage-1435836286397 that done we head for the akademie der künste for the last day of the international poetry festival & lyrikmarkt where i put some of my poems-for-all & the last of the greying ghost pamphlets on an information table (they were gone within minutes) before hitting the book tables. 2 hour or so later we left with new books by Adrian Kasnitz (the first volume of a projected long sequence called kaledarium), Titus Meyer, an issue of Sand, the anglophone journal in town, the new Stacy Szymaszek from nightboat books hart island, the new Donna Stonecipher model city from shearsman books & 2 lovely ugly duckling chaps leaving leaving behind behind by Inger Wold Lund &, of course Petra found one of the very few non-poetry books, a small anthology of 15-second plays curated by The Debate Society, all for the poetry library. for the book shop i made some new contacts. so a great couple of hours. back to the east side we rambled a bit, had some fine vietnamese almost fast food, saw the cops harass some people outside a squat they’re probably going to raid soon if they haven’t already, watched some u-21 football & headed to an anarchist bar in Rigaer Strasse where we had some beer & met a slightly confused self-publishing writer going by the name of Sven, we had a long talk about writing, publishers, the usefulness of the internet (& in particular email) as he’s completely analogue reachable only by phone & returned to the hostel

sunday. i had breakfast, Petra slept in. then we headed into tourist area for some coffee & things, she an odd cheesecake & i something called leipziger marzipan. & as neither of us had been to Volksbühne we went to check if they had some cool play on. 008they did have one called Revolution Now which sounded good enough to get tickets for before heading off to the historical museum & a huge exhibition on the german history of homosexuality, 004an afternoon well spent as it turned out. by then we were hungry so we went to Prenzlauerberg, the part of town Petra lived in the first time around & finally found a brilliant argentinian restaurant on a shady side street. all of this made us 20 minutes late for the revolution which was no big deal. i shall not describe the play except to say only in Berlin & if you have the chance, go be part of it. you’ll not regret, or ever forget, it. then off to Jessner Strasse & Supamolly, a classic squat bar & punk venue & around midnight on the way back to the hostel, döner kebab as art

monday. ludicrously early checkout & the return. in a black t-shirt012

June 22, 2015

& nobody in between

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& nobody in between 6 yesterday the Red Ceilings Press published my new ebook, & nobody in between. it collects 5 years of poems dedicated to poets & artists, dead & living. it brings me great pleasure to once again return to the ceilings not least because Mark is such a good editor to work with. & not surprisingly the beautiful cover image was done by Petra

June 20, 2015

(+ POIESIS) call for mail art

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this in the email recently

{+ P O I E S I S}

Call for Mail Art



Convocatory / Call


The Cultural Institute Tchello d’Barros (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) invites poets and visual artists of any nationality to participate in the exhibition {+ POIESIS} International Mail Art Exhibition to be held at the XXV Brazilian Poetry Congress, 05-10 October 2015 in the city of Bento Gonçalves (RS), Brazil, a realization of the Proyecto Cultural Sur.




– Registration:

Only 01 Visual Poem per participant, in Postcard format, the size 10 X 15 cm. Wright on backside your name, address and e-mail, and if necessary, title, year, signature etc.


– Schedule

Submission of works by physical mail: posting until August 31, 2015

Release with selected names: September 15, 2015 by e-mail.

Opening of physical exposure: 05 October 2015

Visitation: until 10 October 2015

Virtual show: 25 October 2015



Could the Mail Art (Arte Correo, Arte Postal) be a vehicle for contemporary Visual Poetry? Yes! Send your Visual Poem any technique and subject, with free creations or experimental typography, lettrism, extemporaneous concretisms, assemics writting, typewriting, textual images, imagistic texts, inaugural alphabets, quantum language, calligraphic encryptions, semiotic experimentation and aesthetic dialogues with the tradition of Visual Poetry. Or +!


– Exhibition

The Postcards will be presented on exhibition at the Foundation House of Arts (Fundação Casa das Artes), in Bento Gonçalves city on the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Non-competitive exhibition, without awards, no management fees, no jury, no sales, no refund of the Postcards. Will not be exposed images offensive, violent, racial or discriminatory. There will be nominal digital certificate to be sent to the e-mail that included the back of the Postcard. There will be a photographic report on the site of the show, virtual version of the exhibition and the possibility of present at another cultural centers in Brazil and abroad. The simple act of sending the Postcard indicates the authorization disclosure of your name and image of the work (both sides) by all medias and acceptance of the conditions of this project.


– Contact

Tchello d’Barros (curator) tchellodbarros@gmail.com

Info: https://www.facebook.com/poiesiscuradoria



– Address to send the Postcard:

Tchello d’Barros

Largo Wanda de Oliveira, 400 Apt. 203-B

Cidade Universitária – CEP 21941-903

Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brasil

June 18, 2015

maybe so, but

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nobody said poetry was a fast business. ten years ago i submitted a poem to poems-for-all & it was quickly accepted for publication. now it appears on my hall floor along with copies of 10 other pamphlets. yeah. & yesterday 10 books by Eileen Tabios for the book shop i’m in the process of starting. good mail days indeed

June 16, 2015

duende in the alleys

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Lars swirl e-book

by her tabiosity Eileen Tabios & with a lovely cover photo by Petra is now live at swirl editions. & lest we forget, your editor is still wondering where all ye ladies are hiding your manuscripts, all those amazing word documents of no more than 50 pages that you may flood swirleditorATgmailDOTcom with

June 15, 2015


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by Richard Barrett was published today by swirl editions & your editor is really happy about it. it follows hot on the heels of his collaboration with Rachel Sills available from the red ceilings press. go forth & read you some Barrett

June 12, 2015


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001 (13)

2 weeks ago

June 11, 2015

& once more Eileen

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Tabios expands her activities. to wit



I was recently honored to be asked by a wonderful press to join its editorial board.  In this role, I would be in a position to recommend manuscripts or writers to the press to consider for publication.  It’s a worthwhile gig and I genuinely admire this press, such that I initially replied with an enthusiastic YES! to their invitation.  But this is one of those situations where I don’t know yet about my capacity to find manuscripts or writers I’d recommend–specifically, recommend for this press which is interested in innovative poetry and hybrid work, as well as translations and collaborations.  So the press gave me permission to query my network (through this blog and other places) to see if I have enough material that would make it worth my time (and theirs) to formally join their board.

So, please consider this A GLOBAL CALL FOR INNOVATIVE WORK! 

You do not have to have the manuscript finished as you read this Call.  That is, you may have a draft or an idea that you think you could finalize into a manuscript you could send to me in the near future. If you are in this position and would be interested in submitting it for potential publication, you can email me at galateaten@gmail.com to inform me.

I am not looking for manuscripts at this stage.  I am simply looking for reasonable possibilities of such manuscripts being submitted to me for consideration sometime in the near future.  Email me replies like “Yes, I have a manuscript now” or “Yes, I could have a manuscript ready in _________ (fill in the time frame).”

The idea, again, is for me to anticipate that as a Board member, I will be able to follow up with a group of people who will have manuscripts for my review and which I might be able to recommend for publication. That’d be manuscripts that would fit the press’ interest in innovative poetry and hybrid work, as well as translations and collaborations.

Call Email me!  Email me, too, if you have questions!  Let me know by the end of the month: June 30, 2015.

If we don’t know (of) each other, feel free to include a bio.

Sincerely and with all Good Wishes to your Writing,

Eileen R. Tabios

May 25, 2015

outlandish contrivance

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by Matt Hill is now out from swirl editions. it’s the first part of a projected trilogy of modern sonnets & i’m delighted to welcome him to the swirl family

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