March 3, 2010

i’m having my period & can therefore legally kill you

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for Lisa Brännman

i’m slowly extracting

something from some

thing else. maybe a whole

from a part. or apart

from a hole. in the ground

remains of a rock. what

remains to be seen? god

poking his hand out of

an ipod. with a large

smile. & a razor

having the time of his

supposedly very long

life. & in the morning

he wakes on his mattress

in the garden although

he’s pretty sure both he

& it were inside when

he fell asleep. oh well

they’d have to bust their

backs to get me out here

my significant other

occupation. withdraw

them troops & settlers

armed to the teeth. my

significantly sweet

tooth. toting that large

bag instead of the more

convenient but still

less respectable rucksack

putting it on the floor

period postcards postponing

manifestations of more

modern cuts. & bruises vanish.

venus intervenes. sitting

closer to the aisle marked a

higher social standing as did

sitting in the front rows. & rows

of trees planted in the street.

dimming the light to better

display those designer body parts

& then the snow

strikes the north &

the rain strikes the

south & there is no

thing in between

worth taking notice

of. courses crash

into telephone poles

& bounce off quite

hard pillows

can of beer or beans

or can i bend

backwards or

can you read this

sign? for my eyes

are off on holiday.

wielding an

umbrella this oddly

drawn frog charges

those new prosecutors

therefore doors must

remain open & the wind

be turned on high &

warm. swarms of dogs

roam. therefore being

called a criminal by

the cops is a fucking joke.

& some big bright light

is in the sky. i don’t know

but some call it the sun

legally there is no

thing that can be

done to make the

global capitalist

regime more humane.

so be it. but it seems

this school for dark

thought will soon

change direction. we wait

with great anticipation

kill ugly snow. growing

garlic comes to their

rescue. cue in together

with scientists. compensation

for recent cancellations &

delays. imagined ugliness. so

you think you should wear

a printed t-shirt. what do you

think should be on it? a hand

rolling a cigarette, maybe

you too are a discontent. who

walked out one morning to take

the air & met a sad iron maiden

on the beach. you too are one of

the dispossessed. who cheered when

the iron lady finally dissolved

& was gone. tú también eres un

de los desaparecidos. who sat in

the top of the magnolia while

they played football around you


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