March 10, 2010

reading haiti

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so yesterday the first five chaps in the hay(na)ku for haiti series landed on my hall floor. they are small, pinkish & contain five pages of poetry. & some fine poetry it is. all the poets are habitual hay(na)ku writers (& editors/publishers). & before you read on i need to note that all the extracts are in three line stanzas. wordpress however has lately refused to make the blank lines i want between poem stanzas

Paricle and Wave and From the Chair by Jean Vengua is two short sequences, the first of which has a beauty which is both eerie & sad. From the Chair might have been a sermon had it not been so visually clear

what comes alive/across time,/space?

a digital photo/of blood/registers

On A Pyre: An Ars Poetica by series editor Eileen R. Tabios is something of a practical political poetics using fire as its basic element going outward from her own body to a forest seeking revenge & further

Hay(na)ku for Haiti by Tom Beckett serves as the title chap for the series. it’s set in five discrete parts with a neat twist to boot. each part/page is tightly connected to the one before & the one after, both thematically &, for want of a better word, metaphorically. i give you the third part

Every/Life is/An improvisation: unique.

Every/Life is/A conversation: elongated

Or/Shortened by/Circumstances. Every life

Is/A sentence:/Grammatical or juridical.

After René Depestre’s “My Definition of Poetry”, as translated by Edwidge Danticat, with lines at the end by Lafcadio Hearn by John Bloomberg-Rissman begins as something very close to a medieval ballad ,or, if you will, a romantic heroic poem

Poetry/comes home/one night thru

torrential/rain to/sing a sad

ballad/to a/little silver spoon,

& goes somewhere else entirely. but you will have to find out for yourself where

all in all, some sweet company to be in


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