March 29, 2010

five years

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today or tomorrow, can’t rightly remember exactly which, marks five years of me writing only in english. it began with a handful of failed attempts to translate sentences finished on the other’s lips by sheila e murphy into swedish for some reason or other, apart of course from it being a delightful e-chap. one early saturday, or sunday, morning walking home through malmö, severely drunk after a long night at the pub & in somebody’s kitchen i thought i’d give the translation another try. then, passing under the railway, the thought “fuck translation, just finish the sentences. no, stupid. in english.” so i began the next day, from the first phrase of the first part/poem/page to the last phrase of the last one. six days later i had typed it all into a word document & saw i had a chapbook manuscript that it shouldn’t be a problem finding a publisher for. & it wasn’t. it so happened that on stealing lips as i titled it became my second chapbook published. i quickly put mindfulness together & that was published in january 2006 & lips came out in december of the same year. since then there has been a steady stream of others, as can be seen on the “my books” page. i have not even thought about swedish as a viable poetry language, for me that is, since. apart from when writing for my & petra’s first photo/poem exhibition. it has been amazingly easy to get accepted into the north american & australian (the english still resist) poetic community. the first five years have been good (in literary terms), the future is bright. i keep going


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  1. i for one am very glad you are keeping going

    Comment by richard lopez — March 30, 2010 @ 5:15 am | Reply

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