April 19, 2010

no more michael connelly

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i just finished reading the swedish translation, decently executed, of the closers by michael connelly & decided not to read anything more by him. he’s a good storyteller, no problem there, but. & an important but it is. here he is, writing this story where he could comment on racism & corruption among cops, & in society in general. & where he leads the reader to hope he might. & then he pisses it all away. in his closing thanks he has listed a few cops. i’m thinking one of the reasons he copped out was out of loyalty to them. i’m thinking another reason is the “intellectual” climate in the u.s since 2001. in both cases we might call it self-censorship. in the second case he might have attracted criticism on political rather than literary grounds, something that often befalls authors in other more or less totalitarian countries. authors worldwide are prepared to risk that, why so few bestselling u.s crime writers? they would be in a great position to take a stand & make a difference. why are the absolute majority of them such cowards? if, as in some countries, you risk the regime throwing you in jail & then throwing away the key (or worse) i can understand a degree of caution, if all that can happen is that someone gets pissed at you for not liking the idiot act or the war on dissent or whatever, come on


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