May 31, 2010

just one word

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nausea. that’s what i’ve felt all day. nausea at the violence of the israeli offence force against unarmed peace & solidarity activists. nausea at 19 people executed for wanting to bring aid to people being slowly murdered by an unusually inhuman siege. nausea at the siege. nausea at the occupation of palestinian land. nausea at the extremely violent manner in which it is enforced. nausea at the apartheid wall. nausea at the settlements. nausea at the western world’s complete & unconditional support for israel no matter what they do. nausea

& i will not even think about the assault on gaza last year

now how about a chapbook series, maybe hay(na)ku, for gaza?

May 19, 2010

sacrifice press

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i’ve been receiving chapbooks from sacrifice press , a wonderfully eccentric chapbook press run by gilad elbom, lately. the most recent one arrived a few days ago. there is a reason for that of course. in a few weeks he will publish my new chapbook, whomeanswhat, a small volume of poems using song titles by nomeansno as titles & associative starting points for poems. more about that later. the chaps already released are worth a note. they’re simply & beautifully produced, all but one 12 pages long (or short, if you prefer) & distributed for free. i don’t know the print runs, but i’ll assume they’re the normal chap runs of about 100. & a new one is published at the beginning of each month, beginning in october 2009 with the binding, a one act excerpt from queen of the bathtub by hanoch levin, translated by gilad. that act is a dialogue between isaac & abraham on human sacrifice & apparently the play caused a mad rage among & condemnation from the israeli political, military & religious establishment when it was first staged in 1970. bitter herb by stephanie a myers was published in november. a short story playing with naming & identity & such. grandpa zinn, subtitled a tale in 19 pangrams by chris wells was published in december. an oulipoian narrative using every letter of the alphabet at least once in every sentence. 2010 began with kitchen tidbits by amanda laughtland, poems inspired by magazine articles &advertisements from 1943 (did you see her take it, by the way? & did you check out her little press, teeny tiny, the website of which is a bit out of date?). ashes gifted by joshua abelow was published in february. poems & images adding up to a kind of fragmented self-portrait. trick by chris kraus was published in march. a personal essay on being a sex worker in new york in the late 70s & early 80s. 32 snapshots of marseilles by guy bennett was published in april. the longest of the chaps with its 32 poems each 32 words long on 32 places in marseilles. the most recent one (may), cooperative explanatory capabilities in organizational design and personnel management by pil and galia kollectiv is a (fictional?) essay on a strange experiment in group psychology. all in all, a chapbook press to keep an eye on. you may never be sure what is next, except that it’s never less than fascinating

May 18, 2010

ship to Gaza

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the freedom flotilla, of which ship to gaza is a part, is now on the way. let’s see if the israeli regime, in addition to being racist & genocidal, is stupid enough to try to sink the ships. they have after all said they will stop the flotilla with any means necessary

May 1, 2010

otoliths issue #17

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Issue #17 of Otoliths, the southern autumn, 2010 issue, has just gone live. Four years old today!

&, since it’s also May Day, I was going to have Billy Bragg singing “The Internationale” as background—you can, if you’ve got a server that opens links in a new window, still have it: just click on the link—but there’s enough in this issue to allow an unaccompanied announcement. As befits a 4th birthday issue, it’s a bit more packed than normal. In addition to the usual broad selection of paintings, prose, photographs, sermons, assemblages, poetry of all shapes, sizes, & styles, &, as always, a large offering of vizpo, the issue also includes two special features; one of which, since it was to have been a complete issue of another journal which has, unfortunately, gone into hiatus, is actually magazine-sized.

In the standard part of the issue you’ll find work by Michael Farrell, Marilyn R. Rosenberg , Eric Arnold, Jim McCrary, Reed Altemus, Adam Fieled, Bob Heman,  Tim Wright,  Samit Roy, Caleb Puckett, Charles Freeland, gustave morin, dan raphael, Philip Byron Oakes, Dorothee Lang & Karyn Eisler & Susan Gibb, Sam Langer, Geof Huth, Esa Mäkijärvi, Scott Metz, Andrew McEwan, Felino Soriano, Travis Macdonald, Paul Siegell, Alan Davies, Kirsten Kaschock, Raymond Farr, John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett & Sheila E. Murphy,  Jeff Harrison, Letitia Trent, Michelle Cahill, Valery Oisteanu, Irving Weiss, Martin Edmond, Carlos Soto Román, Jim Meirose, SJ Fowler, Felipe Cussen, Grzegorz Wróblewski, James Mc Laughlin, Michael Steven, Arkava Das, Michael Caylo-Baradi, J. D. Nelson, Jal Nicholl, Jenny Enochsson, Joe Balaz, Glenn R. Frantz, Michael Brandonisio, Jon Curley & Gg Re, sean burn, Bobbi Lurie, Jeff Klooger, Richard Kostelanetz, Silvio De Gracia, David-Baptiste Chirot, Alexander Jorgensen, Anne Gorrick, John Moore Williams, Marcia Arrieta, Mara Patricia Hernandez, Bill Drennan, nick-e melville, Corey Wakeling, John Martone, Jessie Janeshek, Thomas Fink (reviewing David Lehman’s Yeshiva Boys), & Emma Smith.

The first special feature is ROCKPILE on the road, with poems by Michael Rothenberg & David Meltzer, photos by Terri Carrión, & an introduction by Larry Sawyer.

The second special feature is Poet-Editors, curated & introduced by Eileen R. Tabios. 43 poet-editors respond to the question: What is (or has been) your favorite editing project and why?” The respondees, who also provide—sometimes quite extensive—samples of their work, are: William Allegrezza, Ivy Alvarez, Anny Ballardini, Joi Barrios, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ana Božičević, Garrett Caples, Brian Clements, Bruce Covey, Del Ray Cross, Patrick James Dunagan, Elaine Equi, Adam Fieled, Thomas Fink, Luis H. Francia, Geoffrey Gatza, Tim Gaze, Crg Hill, Aileen Ibardaloza, Vincent Katz, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Burt Kimmelman, Mark Lamoureux, Amanda Laughtland, Timothy Liu, Dana Teen Lomax, Joey Madia, Sandy McIntosh, Didi Menendez, Lars Palm, Guillermo Parra, Ernesto Priego, Sam Rasnake, Barbara Jane Reyes, Christopher Rizzo, Patrick Rosal, Sarah Rosenthal, Susan M. Schultz, Logan Ryan Smith, Jill Stengel, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Jean Vengua, & Mark Young.

& if that isn’t enough, the print parts of the previous issue of Otoliths, the southern summer 2010 issue, are now available from The Otoliths Storefront.

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