May 19, 2010

sacrifice press

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i’ve been receiving chapbooks from sacrifice press , a wonderfully eccentric chapbook press run by gilad elbom, lately. the most recent one arrived a few days ago. there is a reason for that of course. in a few weeks he will publish my new chapbook, whomeanswhat, a small volume of poems using song titles by nomeansno as titles & associative starting points for poems. more about that later. the chaps already released are worth a note. they’re simply & beautifully produced, all but one 12 pages long (or short, if you prefer) & distributed for free. i don’t know the print runs, but i’ll assume they’re the normal chap runs of about 100. & a new one is published at the beginning of each month, beginning in october 2009 with the binding, a one act excerpt from queen of the bathtub by hanoch levin, translated by gilad. that act is a dialogue between isaac & abraham on human sacrifice & apparently the play caused a mad rage among & condemnation from the israeli political, military & religious establishment when it was first staged in 1970. bitter herb by stephanie a myers was published in november. a short story playing with naming & identity & such. grandpa zinn, subtitled a tale in 19 pangrams by chris wells was published in december. an oulipoian narrative using every letter of the alphabet at least once in every sentence. 2010 began with kitchen tidbits by amanda laughtland, poems inspired by magazine articles &advertisements from 1943 (did you see her take it, by the way? & did you check out her little press, teeny tiny, the website of which is a bit out of date?). ashes gifted by joshua abelow was published in february. poems & images adding up to a kind of fragmented self-portrait. trick by chris kraus was published in march. a personal essay on being a sex worker in new york in the late 70s & early 80s. 32 snapshots of marseilles by guy bennett was published in april. the longest of the chaps with its 32 poems each 32 words long on 32 places in marseilles. the most recent one (may), cooperative explanatory capabilities in organizational design and personnel management by pil and galia kollectiv is a (fictional?) essay on a strange experiment in group psychology. all in all, a chapbook press to keep an eye on. you may never be sure what is next, except that it’s never less than fascinating

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