June 18, 2010

& in july

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furniture press is starting the second PO25cEM series with

seaming by dan thomas-glass


on foot by yours truly

on foot is a small collection of prose poems using some of the footnotes from there, where the pages would end by eileen tabios as first phrases

June 7, 2010


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i’m delighted to announce that Sacrifice Press just published whomeanswhat. Gilad did some wonderful work on the cover. & some poems to tempt you are here & here. like all the previous Sacrifice Press chapbooks it can be had for the price of an email

June 3, 2010

not funny

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an israeli “investigation”, supported by the u. s.,  into their own massacre on the flotilla ships? is there a question what the result will be?

also, it’s now officially 9 dead. where did the remaining ten go? to the bottom of the sea?

& tomorrow the irish ship “rachel corrie” plans to reach palestinian waters. how many on board her will die?

June 1, 2010

the four last words on this subject for now

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no justice, no peace

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