July 14, 2010

tuli kupferberg

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this is a wonderful photo of tuli kupferberg i took from ron silliman‘s post about his death. sad news

July 9, 2010

of collocated rhythms

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some people strike me as almost dangerously hyperactive. felino a. soriano is one of those. he seems to write constantly (just have a look at his bibliography), he runs differentia press (with serena tome) & counterexample poetics & he works, i suppose, full-time for a living. i’ll just assume he regards sleep as bourgeoise nonsense

yesterday one of his chapbooks of the year, of collocated rhythms, landed on my hall floor. a beautiful object, plain white cover, red endpaper & 47 ekphrastic poems printed on what appears to be good quality paper. the poems are inspired by, mostly contemporary, jazz & other improvisational music

there are a couple of ways you can recognize a soriano poem. first, most of them are ekphrastic, drawing inspiration from works either by musicians or painters. the titles indicate the source. second, the way he uses language. i’ll let the last, & shortest, poem serve as example

after Thelonious Monk’s Evidence


eyes respect rhythmic devotion, blinking

broken beat exaltations, gathered bouquets

of the ongoing remembrance: child’s laughter,

adequate body of the unfortunate missing.

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