September 30, 2010


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found the new issue of moria about an hour ago, so far i’ve just read the lovely poem by freke räihä (who, by the way, recently published two books in swedish). much in the issue to read later


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this is the first poem i’ve written since the election. eleven days without a single line/phrase of poetry. eleven days of nausea, rage & panic about having to stay in the country for even a week longer. so this morning my dear wife simply told me to write any kind of crap, just to break the deadlock. & it’s by no standards a good poem. it starts from a line from an old bob dylan song: “now is the time for your tears”

now that all of

the north & central

european wasteland

has turned brown

now that the only

red we will see is

the blood of the refugees

& opposition running

down the drains

now that the green

sea signals the only

possible liberation

September 27, 2010


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das kollektiv 4. a batch of new pdf chapbooks. go browse. & then, if you haven’t yet, you may want to go through the three previous ones

September 20, 2010

refuge somewhere?

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until now it has been possible to live in sweden because the nazis have had no representation in the reichstag. in the election yesterday they got 20 seats out of the total 349. neither the fairly pale left wing or the democratic but still vicious right wing got a majority. this means, in reality, the nazis now have real power in sweden. & we all know what that means. this leads me to the headline. does any of you know a nazi-free country where a literary assistant nurse & a photographing social worker can find work & refuge?

September 15, 2010

oh yeah?

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time to do a bit of catching up

i have a found elk in otoliths

& an ifesto in esque, the grand new mag from amy king & ana bozicevic

whomeanswhat has got some attention

from tomas ekström (in swedish)

& from the 30 word review

ungovernable press ( well, really kristina marie darling‘s traveling with virginia woolf) received some love from daily s-press (experimental poet, moi?)

& on that note, all you patient poets, i shall get back to ungovernable business in the next few days

macedonia & albania were cool. skopje is an absolutely lovely town. more on that, maybe, later. also in the next few days, some notes on newly published things by my deeply talented friends

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