October 28, 2010

a good thing

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faber & faber has this cool thing going with new poets. saw the chapbooks in a bookstore in london

October 23, 2010

malmö in the guardian

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on the racist shootings in our fair city

October 22, 2010


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a couple of days ago a copy of x (angel city), the new chapbook by joseph lease landed on my hall floor. all i will say now is that sacrifice press has struck again. & struck hard. it’s free, so go get it

& tomorrow me & petra are off for four days in london

October 15, 2010

“news” roundup

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ah, late as usual. but two pieces of european news have caught my eye lately

first. this is some blow to women’s rights & reproductional rights

second. on a brighter note, epaminondas korkoneas, the greek cop who shot & killed alexandros grigoropoulos was convicted of murder & may get a life sentence.

October 12, 2010


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the rather unique freke räihä is now & until the end of the year collecting material for the third masspoem

October 10, 2010

amante eledín parraguez

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on friday evening the translators collective, kompassros (compass rose), of which i am a part released its first book. a bilingual (spanish/swedish) selection of poems by amante eledín parraguez under the title den sista himlen. about half the poems are previously unpublished which means those of you who read spanish & may or may not know his work previously may find it as interesting as those who read swedish

October 7, 2010

& the nobel prize goes to

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mario vargas llosa. ah, well. how politically correct. an old, extremely neo-liberal novelist. i’ll give him that he’s entertaining at times, though. so far i’ve found notes on the issue from el país, la provincia & canarias7


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an english online journal has just released its third issue. kind of a geographical anthology of poets. i’m happy that the swedish section is as good as it is & that i have two poems in it. get ye there to discover some (mostly european) poetry

October 4, 2010

poem beginning with a phrase by Gregory Corso

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ah, botticelli opens the door of his studio. someone enters. the street enters. the sun & the wind & a one-legged veteran from one of the ongoing wars enter. ah, botticelli sneaks out of his studio, leaving the door open

October 3, 2010

martin glaz serup

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a young danish poet interviewed in the 3:AM magazine maintenant series. & published by ubuweb. a really cool book called the field

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