November 30, 2010

noam chomsky

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with some interesting things to say

w t f

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this photo was taken in august at the central station in malmö by Petra Palm aka social photographer

November 28, 2010


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my small contribution to masspoem (edited by our own freke räihä) is up now. you have until the end of the year to take part in it

how to title this?

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found this via zeitgeist spam. & a belated happy birthday to john (the blogger)

November 22, 2010

jennie johnson

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is a graphic designer & an old friend of my dear wife.  i just found her website & there’s some rather cool stuff there

November 20, 2010

rob mclennan

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has been at it again. two new chapbooks. your torn, infectious bliss from gold wake press & house: a (tiny) memoir from angel house press, some pieces of which have appeared on his blog

November 18, 2010

poet’s corner

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7 new poems of mine are up at poet’s corner, so lovingly curated by anny ballardini


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the black friday

November 16, 2010


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bill allegrezza posted a daily glance (a short one-paragraph review) of my new e-book for good behaviour on p-ramblings today. i reproduce it here:

Lars Palm’s for good behavior is a e-chapbook filled with prose poems. The poems play at the border of flash fiction and prose poetry, for they tell little stories that often contain history or references to cultural events. For example, “(wake up screaming)” seems to recount the basic plot of a horror film. A bunch of teens go into the woods to drink and see a man with a mask and become scared. Yet, they are somewhat relieved to find there is no face behind the mask. Palm is riffing on a standard horror plot but changing the ending. Most of these stories have an element of the unusual to them, such as the poem about the California of Russia that disappears. Ultimately, these pieces are more global than any other poetry that I’ve read lately. Palm jumps from his home base in the Canary Islands to Russia to Zimbabwe to Denmark to Sweden, and this book makes me think about global poetry movements fostered by the Internet. Will language traditions become more important than nations in the future?

thank you so much señor allegrezza

November 13, 2010

monkey gone to heaven

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ah, the pixies

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