December 31, 2010

a good year for the poems

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2010 is coming to an end. in many ways a good year, & a grand one for the poems. it started in january with fragments from this from chalk editions. then in february an email from eileen tabios asking if i wanted to be part of a series of tiny chapbooks for haiti. i did & that became when the earth moves in. also in february my & adam fieled‘s don’t be quiet, start a riot (weekend press) came & went (a strange story, through no fault of amy & ana who were absolutely wonderful through it all). june saw the release of whomeanswhat from sacrifice press (reviewed by dan thomas-glass here). then in october kompassros, the translators’ collective i’m a small part of, released our firstborn, a bilingual (spanish/swedish) selection of amante eledín parraguez. in november Petra & me published an e-book of photos & poems (in swedish) die kinder aus berlin, a work we had shown at a local pub in november 2009. then, just a few days later, differentia press published for good behaviour, a small volume of prose poems (reviewed by bill allegrezza here). & to round it off 668 förlag, published a small swedish chapbook called räkning dödar made up of some revised poems originally written between 2001 & 2005, on december 22. in addition to that, there may be a chapbook, called on foot, published by the ever enigmatic furniture press. to put it this way, it was accepted & announced for publication in july along with another chap, the other one was published (though not announced), i have heard nothing about on foot. ah, well

also in march i had a handful of haiku translated into japanese by hidenori hiruta san. in august a couple of poems appeared in a magazine that’s now apparently gone off-line. & this fall anny ballardini added 7 new poems of mine to the poet’s corner. & there was an ifesto in esque

December 27, 2010

(hollokaos redux)

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an unedited google translation of the last poem in the swedish chapbook

it is a space monster that is beats & heavy-footed rhythms on the railing? it is possible to confuse a pen filled with sudden energy, perhaps, a rose? in a pot we found in venice venice be refused & other cities dipped himself only polite. children running the streets bent in rain weight & draw patterns on the selected window. & There somewhere is the same old jungle, but with the newly rewritten legislation. first idea is not to sleep during these hot, almost bright, summer nights. the emperor’s court was at that time very high levels of creativity. someone who probably was not related to the royal court had kicked Manhattan every night & this tree-lined street is your min & & it’s late & the Moon fits easily into a coat pocket. you opened the door & it hit you by surprise when it started talking about it away streamlined village idiot. your words make me smile just as the German Shepherd jumps into the taxi in one corner of his mouth & nuts “follow it where the airplane.” a cyclist crashed into a fence, you were standing in the driveway, smiled & turned up your redundant slacks. butterflies may be offended by such claims. you dream that you travel through the water, wake up soaking wet & closes the window that had blown up during the night. five hours into the journey, you start to yearn to arrive in front of a large video screen where the bus switch times advertised & reserusig to stretch your stiff limbs. in the moonlight he approached the little log cabin thrown out, so it seemed, in quantity in the fields intersect. here we grow food instead of things like money or fame & we have our little off with short stories, a perennial variety, many are sketchy. a remarkable claim, but possibly true. we have not heard from him since he declared that he is working on a dissertation on the art of chaos & how it relates to fish, but he promises that there will be a text which is not similar. anyone remember the fight but the nostalgia of the gate. middle of April 1st wind clears the head & we strip down to the sun. certainly seemed so for them too, but neither side could claim to know what actually had happened. we had a corpse in a ditch, but I had not the faintest why. Thus, I went & had a beer, maybe I should think of anything & take his corpse pit & go. a cartoon cowboy who’s talking horse riding into the sunset. there were (are) always a new story of people trek westward across the gruesome fate of large (well, almost) provinces. songs sung in the head or in the vicinity & gulls living bastard. they would come back. the kid who called himself nice dig in the closet. here we are breaking stanza to get into

Air & Space. curiosity can do anyway, for it is not because of cats (where did they come from?), but the photosynthetic bacteria & active mainly at dusk or at night. all the more strange news selected for us. get us there, pronto, bums, on the cord, immediately, without delay, in the reddest stroke. The Supremes become better with age? keeps the valvaka again? a space monster rattles rhythmically away nearly sunrise, singing “I’m a poor lonesome spaceman”


December 22, 2010

new chapbook in swedish

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the post below is an announcement in swedish concerning a small chapbook of mine published today

räkning dödar | Lars Palm | 20 sidor
[Utgivningsdatum december 2010]
Det är ett stort nöje att presentera 668:s andra titel i mini-serien; räkning dödar av Lars Palm. Palm har sedan debuten 2001 med alla diktsamlingars moder (Fakir Förlag) publicerat sig ett otal gånger utanför Sverige (framför allt i Nordamerika); han skriver numera endast på engelska språket. räkning dödar är således en unik utgåva; en svensk Palm!

bygger under lediga stunder en hematom/
myggen menar att blod är godare än knark/
virus avhandlas på annat språk/
balkongdörren bryter på bondska/
den kuriösa korsning där objekt blir subjekt & görs till
döms till uppvigling/
det här är en liten katalog över några saker/
den är nedtecknad på ett språk som säger sig leva/
kameran släpps ut på grönbete/
handlingar oförenliga med kyskhet

BESTÄLL! Våra minihäften distribueras old school, dvs sänd en tjuga/ex i ett kuvert till 668 Förlag, Hönsinge 668, 231 73 Anderlöv. Glöm inte att ange titel på häftet, samt ditt namn och postadress. Inom några dagar har du häftet i brevlådan.

December 17, 2010

arsenal vs stoke

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tomorrow at 3 p.m (gmt) arsenal will play stoke at emirates. this is not just any premier league game against a mediocre team. the last time arsenal played stoke, in february, ryan shawcross (“not that kind of player“) willfully broke aaron ramsey‘s tibia & fibula. aaron ramsey didn’t play football until late november/early december when he went on loan (for rehabilitation) to notts county, a team playing in the third division (known as league one). ryan shawcross has played football all the while. i really hope arsenal walk all over stoke tomorrow

December 8, 2010

into the spells of mispllng

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my old e-chap mispell has received a wonderful review by michael caylo-baradi in the new issue of galatea resurrects edited by the mighty eileen tabios

December 5, 2010

this one’s for petra

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because we’ve been married for one year today. ah, & she complains she has no patience. a lovely song of cannibalism, by wedding parties anything

December 4, 2010

just this

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amy king’s website has been beautifully redesigned. by none other than ana bozicevic

December 2, 2010

hey, this is good

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some geographies by mark young is now out from argotist ebooks

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