December 31, 2010

a good year for the poems

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2010 is coming to an end. in many ways a good year, & a grand one for the poems. it started in january with fragments from this from chalk editions. then in february an email from eileen tabios asking if i wanted to be part of a series of tiny chapbooks for haiti. i did & that became when the earth moves in. also in february my & adam fieled‘s don’t be quiet, start a riot (weekend press) came & went (a strange story, through no fault of amy & ana who were absolutely wonderful through it all). june saw the release of whomeanswhat from sacrifice press (reviewed by dan thomas-glass here). then in october kompassros, the translators’ collective i’m a small part of, released our firstborn, a bilingual (spanish/swedish) selection of amante eledín parraguez. in november Petra & me published an e-book of photos & poems (in swedish) die kinder aus berlin, a work we had shown at a local pub in november 2009. then, just a few days later, differentia press published for good behaviour, a small volume of prose poems (reviewed by bill allegrezza here). & to round it off 668 förlag, published a small swedish chapbook called räkning dödar made up of some revised poems originally written between 2001 & 2005, on december 22. in addition to that, there may be a chapbook, called on foot, published by the ever enigmatic furniture press. to put it this way, it was accepted & announced for publication in july along with another chap, the other one was published (though not announced), i have heard nothing about on foot. ah, well

also in march i had a handful of haiku translated into japanese by hidenori hiruta san. in august a couple of poems appeared in a magazine that’s now apparently gone off-line. & this fall anny ballardini added 7 new poems of mine to the poet’s corner. & there was an ifesto in esque


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