June 13, 2011

back from london

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we returned from our somewhat active weekend in london to a sunny & fairly warm malmö, which was good. we brought back some really fine photos (Petra) & what might be a decent poem (yours truly) & two books bought in a major bookstore i won’t name

Emily Critchley recently published love / all that / & ok (Penned in the Margins, 2011). i have seen some of her work before & thoroughly enjoyed it. so far i’ve only read this, her first long book, quickly in a really good pub just outside spitalfields market, but i will submerge myself in it soon & maybe have something coherent to say about it then. for now it’s just YES

Toby Martinez de las Rivas did an untitled chapbook as a part of the Faber New Poets series (Faber & Faber, 2009). i have leafed through it a couple of times & my first impression is that it looks interesting. will dedicate some time to it this weekend

also in the mail today, a review copy of Laked, Fielded, Blanked (Alice Blue Books, 2011), the new chapbook by Brooklyn Copeland. it’s a beautiful artefact. & i have a feeling it contains some really fine poetry


June 7, 2011

road song for

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my first long book (70-some pages) has been accepted by corrupt press. no release date has been set yet. the book is in 3 parts. the first, “road”, contains poems written on the road, some can be found online here (scroll down a bit) & here. the second, “song”, contains poems using fragments from song lyrics, some can be found online here , here, here, here & here. the third, “for”, contains poems dedicated to friends, colleagues & laurie anderson, some can be found online here, here, here & here. the history of this book is rather interesting. i found the press on facebook & saw that they wanted chapbook manuscripts for possible publication in the summer or fall. i submitted some of the “song” poems. dylan replied quickly asking if i had enough “good” material for a book. it seems i did


also it’s 10 years, almost to the day, since the publication of my first chapbook. a pink thing in swedish, with the unpretentious title alla diktsamlingars moder (the mother of all poetry collections), done in an edition of 100 or so by Fakir Förlag

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