February 6, 2012


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esque is live, all 108 of us. i unfuck the world (or try to) & am in some brilliant company


February 3, 2012


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Albert Herranz sent this poem the other day. he wrote it in swedish. i enjoyed it & got his permission to translate it & post it here


Once I lived next door to Kristina Lugn.
Helped her move some shelves.
She came calling a few days later with a bag of cinnamon buns as thanks.
”I made them myself”, she said.
She had confused the sugar with salt.

”These things happen”, she said when we met in the doorway the next day.


a couple of quick notes to the poem:
gotland is an island off the swedish east coast. most mainland swedes find it beautiful & exotic & the dialect spoken there incomprehensible

Kristina Lugn is a well known swedish poet & playwright

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