June 2, 2012


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started my month as guest editor of truck today. it seems like much more is to come there


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this is what i’ll be up to on june 10. along with all manner of great poets & people

Lex-Balades schedule for Sunday the 10th of June 2012


11h30: rdv place de la réunion


12h : performance ensemble : place de la réunion to converge on steps of St Etienne


12h05 : Escaliers / Steps Temple St Etienne, place de la réunion

Démosthène Agrafiotis (7mn)

Jennifer K Dick + Jacob Bromberg /Anne Kawala (3mn—1 poem)

Jacob Bromberg (5mn)

Anne Kawala (10mn)


Promenade àPlace de la Concorde

12h30 : Place de la Concorde

     Andrew Shields (5-7mn)

     Anne Talvaz (5-7mn)

Le Passage

     George Vance (5mn)

     Kate Van Houten av trad. (5mn)

     Dylan Harris (5mn)

Promenade àThe Book Corner

13h00 : The Book Corner

Barbara Beck (1-2 poems for UAD promo)

Tony Jolley (5mn)

Sarah Lariviere (5mn)

Nina Karacosta (5mn)

Jennifer K Dick av Anne Kawala pr trad. (3mn)

Pause 10mn avec boissons et pr acheter des livres

Lars Palm (5mn)

Dylan Harris (5mn)

Deborah Heissler (5mn)


Promenade àLa Chapelle St Jean

13h45 :La Chapelle St Jean (inside, seated 🙂

     Michelle Naka Pierce (15-20mn avec trans ?)

     Demosthenes Agrafiotis (5mn)

     George Vance (1 poem)

     Tony Jolley( 1 poem)

     Maria Damon (5mn—reading/show of work)

     Anne Talvaz (5mn)

     Pansy Maurer Alvarez (5-8mn)

     Chris Pusateri (15-20mn avec trans)


Promenade à La Kunsthalle

En route (catch up spaces if nec): J Bromberg, T Jolley, N Karacosta, L Palm


15h00 : La Kunsthalle

Halle en bas/devant : 5 poems in passing (or as people take elevator in groups of a few)–

     Chris Pusateri

George Vance

     Sarah Lariviere

Anne Kawala

Dylan Harris

Au musee

     Susana Gardner (10mn)

Deborah Heissler (5mn)

     George Vance (5mn)

     Kate Van Houten (5mn)

     Barbara Beck            (5mn)

     Lars Palm (5mn)

     Sarah Lariviere (5mn)

15h45 – Fin: outside by waterway it should be lovely

     Nina Karacosta

Tony Jolley

Barbara Beck

     Lars Palm

     Kate Van Houten

     Jacob Bromberg

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