February 22, 2014

my new book

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this thing just happened is hot off the press from gradient books beautifully run by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. & with a wonderful cover photo by my better half. it’s probably the weirdest book i’ve done (until now) & i’m absolutely delighted that it found such a good home. the first 20 something poems were composed in 2005-06 & the rest in 2012-13 using one of the poetry experiments outlined by Charles Bernstein inspired in turn by Bernadette Mayer. as i put it in a note at the back of the book

take the first & last word of each line of the selected texts, write them down exactly as they stand & then, without changing the order of the words or adding anything, cut away words until the poems appear. then they may be arranged into lines & stanzas

February 15, 2014

as a footnote

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to my recent e-book. the cafe by möllevångstorget was called coffee point & served really good turkish coffee in beautiful tiny cups


February 10, 2014

big bridge

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the new issue is a treasure

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