November 30, 2014

swirl lives

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finally got around to publishing the first issue of my irregular online zine & chapbook press, swirl

the short introductory note is reproduced here

a new online zine. do we really need that? & does the answer to that question really matter? i’ve edited blog zines before & enjoyed it immensely. the contact with to me previously unknown poets doing cool things. giving some little thing back to a community that is so patient with my scribbles. & yes. we really do need another online zine. swirl will focus mainly, though not exclusively, on poetry, including translations of living & consenting poets. i also welcome comics, vispo, stories (crime is more than welcome), non-academic essays, reviews of newish small press poetry (chap)books & music with a bias toward anarchists, punk in all its permutations & whatnot. Issues will be published when i (your undemocratic editor) deem there is enough good material. & if some ambitious person sends enough good stuff there’s the possibility of a single author issue (aka chapbook). send your finest unpublished, in any form, things & keep in mind that the format is A5. &, as usual, if i like it i publish, if i reject i’m only one editor with his own odd taste & not an objective judge on quality. yes. & now invade that inbox at


our first issue features 3 lovely poets & persons & myself. have fun with it

November 24, 2014

short note on todd swift

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screenshot201403fIn Unfinished Study of a French Girl (KFS, 2014) Todd Swift serves us 16 new poems written since 2012 & they deal with the living & the dead & the occasional boy band. There’s a distinctly philosophical, at times religious (as in catholic), streak in this chapbook which would be no surprise to those who are already familiar with his work. The poems that stand out to me & to which i will return are the opener ”Not Refusing to Mourn The Death of Philip Seymour Hoffmann in Greenwich Village” (that title), ”Red Shoes”, the title poem & ”After the Boy Band Incident” with phrases like these: ”My shadow, my entourage./My sanity was syndiated.” The closing poem in memoriam Seamus Heaney is plain beautiful. There’s just one other book by mr. Swift in my shelf, the 2008 new and selected titled Seaway from Salmon Poetry, his new chapbook will make me reread that with new eyes

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