November 30, 2014

swirl lives

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finally got around to publishing the first issue of my irregular online zine & chapbook press, swirl

the short introductory note is reproduced here

a new online zine. do we really need that? & does the answer to that question really matter? i’ve edited blog zines before & enjoyed it immensely. the contact with to me previously unknown poets doing cool things. giving some little thing back to a community that is so patient with my scribbles. & yes. we really do need another online zine. swirl will focus mainly, though not exclusively, on poetry, including translations of living & consenting poets. i also welcome comics, vispo, stories (crime is more than welcome), non-academic essays, reviews of newish small press poetry (chap)books & music with a bias toward anarchists, punk in all its permutations & whatnot. Issues will be published when i (your undemocratic editor) deem there is enough good material. & if some ambitious person sends enough good stuff there’s the possibility of a single author issue (aka chapbook). send your finest unpublished, in any form, things & keep in mind that the format is A5. &, as usual, if i like it i publish, if i reject i’m only one editor with his own odd taste & not an objective judge on quality. yes. & now invade that inbox at


our first issue features 3 lovely poets & persons & myself. have fun with it


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