December 29, 2014

issue 2

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of swirl was published before the holidays. go enjoy some fine new work by Bill Allegrezza, Volodymyr Bilyk, CA Conrad, Dylan Harris, Ruth Lepson, Sheila Murphy & Mark Young & a brilliant photo by Petra. submissions are always open & things will happen in a not too distant future. & to clarify. word document for writing & jpeg for visuals to swirleditorATgmailDOTcom

December 4, 2014

to catch up

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2 recent publications i haven’t blogged

Anny Ballardini drove truck in november & published my standard face as part of that

Eileen Tabios has a forthcoming book & asked some of her poet friends to be part of it. The poem she sent to us & the replies became part of issue 35 of otoliths. she also bestows some love on swirl

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