January 28, 2015

curator aquarum

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derieva anthology covertoday Ars Interpres Publications released their anthology in memoriam Regina Derieva, edited by Alexander Deriev. it includes 1 original poem & 7 translations by yours truly alongside work by many other fine writers & artists

January 6, 2015

camera games from 2014

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001 (9)003 (8)004 (9)006 (5)008 (2)009 (6)011 (3)020023 (2)031 (2)035 (2)051 (2)

January 3, 2015

that was 2014. now onwards

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2014 is gone. it was a good literary year for yours truly. 2 books & one chapbook, poems in magazines, translations done & published. strictly chronologically it would look something like this

february 22 this thing just happened from gradient books

march 1 a poem in Open Letters Monthly

march 30 a chapbook in the now discontinued series this is visual poetry

may 2 5 poems from my ongoing collaboration with richard lopez in otoliths issue 33

then later in the spring & early summer saw poems online in truck (first of the year) & another richard lopez collaboration poem in moss trill & in print in Upstairs at Duroc & POEM magazine (one of my own & 2 translations)

august 1 saw another of my & richard’s poems in Cordite

the first week in september was active with a daily poem monday-friday in throg sludge just scroll down a bit, a poem in an eileen tabios & company folio in otoliths issue 35 & on

september 2 means was published by the Knives Forks and Spoons Press

november saw another poem in truck, a print publication of a translation of a mad poem by someone called Joar Tiberg in CLP & on november 30 i published the first issue of my new e-zine swirl

what might the new year bring? what i know so far is that i’ll soon publish the first 2 e-chaps from swirl editions with at least 2 more following in february. further on in january i have a poem & 7 translations in an anthology dedicated to the memory of Regina Derieva & sometime later a poem in a new book by Eileen Tabios. all the rest remains to be seen

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