March 30, 2015

10 years

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how do i sum up 10 years of writing only in english? that anniversary is upon me by the end of the month. it has been mostly good literary years, & the bad parts have been due to work almost killing me. how about a bibliography from 2006 on? these are the books of varying length, pamphlets & broadsides folded or not that have appeared under my name

mindfulness, moria, 2006, 20 pages (print, on demand & free PDF)

houston, furniture press po25c series, 2006, 4 pages (freely distributed print – out of print)

on stealing lips, the martian press, 2006, 18 pages (print, edition of 60 – out of print)

is beside the point, big game books tinyside #34, 2007, 6 pages (print, edition of 50 – out of print)

riot, self-published, 2007, 2 pages (print, A4 sheet of paper folded lengthwise, edition of 40 – out of print)

some hay, meritage press tiny books series, 2007, 40 pages (print – handwritten on demand)

death is, by the skin of me teeth press, 2007, 13 pages (print, edition of 52, probably out of print)

the, ungovernable press, 2008, 9 pages (free e-book)

östergötland (a found poem), ungovernable press, 2008, 8 pages (free e-book)

mispell, ungovernable press, 2008, 17 pages (free e-book)

in the news, ungovernable press, 2009, 7 pages (free e-book)

over this here rainbow, wheelhouse press, 2009, 20 pages (free e-book, site apparently taken down)

cantar de mio corman, teeny tiny, 2009, 6 pages (freely distributed print, first edition of 50, may still be copies left)

under the sun, self-published, 2009, 1 page (print broadside – out of print)

fragments from this, chalk editions, 2010, 37 pages (free e-book)

when the earth moves in, open palm press, 2010, 4 pages (folded sheet of paper)

whomeanswhat, sacrifice press, 2010, 10 pages (freely distributed print)

on foot, furniture press po25c series, 2010, 10 pages (freely distributed print – out of print)

for good behaviour, Differentia Press, 2010, 29 pages (free e-book, site apparently taken down)

ho(s)tel windows – w photos by Petra Palm, PoFot, 2011, 20 pages (free e-book)

(s)he dead, red ochre press, 2011, 5 pages (free e-book, site apparently taken down)

what’s in a, the red ceilings press, 2011, 28 pages (print, edition of 40, may still be copies left)

road song for, corrupt press, 2011, 96 pages (print – on demand)

addendum, self-published, 2011, 2 pages (an A4 sheet folded to A5, handwritten – out of print)

chaos on/chaos off, obvious epiphanies press, 2012, 102 pages (print – on demand)

mulhouse, the greying ghost press pamphlet #39, 2012, 2 pages (folded sheet of paper)

excuse my vandalism, the red ceilings press, 2013, 36 pages (free e-book)

this thing just happened, gradient books, 2014, 56 pages (print & free PDF)

this is visual poetry/by lars palm, this is visual poetry, 2014, 16 pages (out of print)

means, the Knives Forks & Spoons Press, 2014, 92 pages (print)

& a translation of

Serendip’s travel book by Azita Gharehman, swirl editions, 2015, 26 pages (free e-book)

& from here, on to new poetic adventures

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