July 2, 2015

weekend in Berlin

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on friday morning me & Petra got on the bus to Berlin & arrived at zentrale omnibusbahnhof in Kaiserdamm in the afternoon. to celebrate our arrival we bought 3-day tickets for public transport & berliner kindl & got on the strassenbahn to Landsberger Allee & Generator, our hostel to check in & leave our bags before heading for Friedrichshain & what’s left of town for an ancient punk & anarchist & an old electromusic fan. our first stop which we found after some confusion was still around but closed due to illness so we headed to this squat bar before the tram back for a somewhat early night. long busrides tend to drain you of energy

saturday morning. breakfast. went to say hello to Karl & Friedrich.001 some shopping. Petra got a pair of shoes & i finally got a good pair of shorts & more importantly new sandals. so i put them on, stuffed the old ones in the box & we find a dumpster in the middle of Alexanderplatz for a proper burial ceremony. as documented by Petracollage-1435836286397 that done we head for the akademie der künste for the last day of the international poetry festival & lyrikmarkt where i put some of my poems-for-all & the last of the greying ghost pamphlets on an information table (they were gone within minutes) before hitting the book tables. 2 hour or so later we left with new books by Adrian Kasnitz (the first volume of a projected long sequence called kaledarium), Titus Meyer, an issue of Sand, the anglophone journal in town, the new Stacy Szymaszek from nightboat books hart island, the new Donna Stonecipher model city from shearsman books & 2 lovely ugly duckling chaps leaving leaving behind behind by Inger Wold Lund &, of course Petra found one of the very few non-poetry books, a small anthology of 15-second plays curated by The Debate Society, all for the poetry library. for the book shop i made some new contacts. so a great couple of hours. back to the east side we rambled a bit, had some fine vietnamese almost fast food, saw the cops harass some people outside a squat they’re probably going to raid soon if they haven’t already, watched some u-21 football & headed to an anarchist bar in Rigaer Strasse where we had some beer & met a slightly confused self-publishing writer going by the name of Sven, we had a long talk about writing, publishers, the usefulness of the internet (& in particular email) as he’s completely analogue reachable only by phone & returned to the hostel

sunday. i had breakfast, Petra slept in. then we headed into tourist area for some coffee & things, she an odd cheesecake & i something called leipziger marzipan. & as neither of us had been to Volksbühne we went to check if they had some cool play on. 008they did have one called Revolution Now which sounded good enough to get tickets for before heading off to the historical museum & a huge exhibition on the german history of homosexuality, 004an afternoon well spent as it turned out. by then we were hungry so we went to Prenzlauerberg, the part of town Petra lived in the first time around & finally found a brilliant argentinian restaurant on a shady side street. all of this made us 20 minutes late for the revolution which was no big deal. i shall not describe the play except to say only in Berlin & if you have the chance, go be part of it. you’ll not regret, or ever forget, it. then off to Jessner Strasse & Supamolly, a classic squat bar & punk venue & around midnight on the way back to the hostel, döner kebab as art

monday. ludicrously early checkout & the return. in a black t-shirt012

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