January 27, 2016

10 years of mindlessness

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so today it’s 10 years to the day since mindfulness was published by Bill Allegrezza‘s now mighty, then more or less newborn, moria . the little book was conceived & born in a 2 day rush. it came out of a post & a long stream of comments on silliman’s blog in the summer of 2005 on poetry, buddhism & attention more or less. the form i mostly nicked from a book i’d read a year or so before. the only thing i added was the tiny variation in each poem. for the title, no i hadn’t yet come across the new-age psycho term, i took the title of a then rather recent book, Wakefulness, by John Ashbery & did a minor substitution. then it was just the small matter of the first poem which i decided needed to have 20 lines. mindfulness was written & published in a different time by a somewhat different person. yet reading it now i’m still happy with it. & so was Chris Rizzo in his review, possibly the most carefully thought one anyone has yet bestowed upon my scribbles

& today when i fired up my laptop i had an acceptance from Underground Books for a new chapbook, to be published first as an e-book & then for the poetry festival in New York in july as a print edition


January 2, 2016

slightly late new years post

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2015. what to say? activity. poetry, (chap)books finished & published. travel, including for readings in Stocjholm & Paris (where Petra also had her 3rd solo exhibition of photos). not a lot of blogging, being more active on facebook though in 2016 i will blog a bit more & somewhat more ambitiously. teaching, working on the book shop. thinking about taking up short prose again. taking swirl editions into print (on demand) shortly. there are after all too few books in the world. trying to keep to my 2 poems a day thing a little more consistently than last year. be a better husband. what else? ah, let 2016 show its hand

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