January 27, 2016

10 years of mindlessness

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so today it’s 10 years to the day since mindfulness was published by Bill Allegrezza‘s now mighty, then more or less newborn, moria . the little book was conceived & born in a 2 day rush. it came out of a post & a long stream of comments on silliman’s blog in the summer of 2005 on poetry, buddhism & attention more or less. the form i mostly nicked from a book i’d read a year or so before. the only thing i added was the tiny variation in each poem. for the title, no i hadn’t yet come across the new-age psycho term, i took the title of a then rather recent book, Wakefulness, by John Ashbery & did a minor substitution. then it was just the small matter of the first poem which i decided needed to have 20 lines. mindfulness was written & published in a different time by a somewhat different person. yet reading it now i’m still happy with it. & so was Chris Rizzo in his review, possibly the most carefully thought one anyone has yet bestowed upon my scribbles

& today when i fired up my laptop i had an acceptance from Underground Books for a new chapbook, to be published first as an e-book & then for the poetry festival in New York in july as a print edition



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