February 23, 2016

my 100 poems

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time has come for swirl editions to morph from an e-chap to a printed book press. hence my 100 poems appeared yesterday. why that one first? there are several reasons for that. so much of my scribbles are either out of print (most of them having appeared in print runs of 40-60), or never even in print, being e-chaps. it gave me the chance to experiment & make most of the beginner’s mistakes with a book of my own. it gave me complete control over the form & content of my first selected poems & when to publish it. i wanted it out close to the 10th anniversary of my first chapbook. & it brings some kind of closure to this decade of fairly active scribbling & publishing. & where

selecting these 100 poems wasn’t easy. i had to kill a whole lot of darlings in the process

enough of this blathering. it’s published. the first of swirl editions new era of print books. more to come in a not too distant future

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