my books


excuse my vandalism (the red ceilings press, 2013)

mulhouse (greying ghost press pamphlet #39, 2012)

chaos on/chaos off (obvious epiphanies press, 2012)

road song for (corrupt press, 2011)

what’s in a (the red ceilings press, 2011) (edition of 40)

(s)he dead (red ochre press, 2011)

ho(s)tel window (w/ photos by Petra Palm) (PoFot, 2011)

for good behaviour (Differentia Press, 2010)

whomeanswhat (Sacrifice Press, 2010)

don’t be quiet, start a riot (split w/ Adam Fieled) (weekend press, 2010) (out of print)

when the earth moves in (Open Palm Press, 2010)

fragments from this (chalk editions, 2010)

cantar de mio corman (Teeny Tiny, 2009) (first edition of 50 with painted recycled paper bag cover)

over this here rainbow (Wheelhouse Press, 2009)

in the news (ungovernable press, 2009)

mispell (ungovernable press, 2008)

östergötland (a found poem) (ungovernable press, 2008)

the (ungovernable press, 2008)

death is (by the skin of me teeth press, 2007) (edition of 52, may still be some left)

some hay (Meritage Press tiny books series, 2007) (handwritten on demand, with hay(na)ku-drawings by Eileen Tabios)

riot (self-published, 2007) (edition of 40, out of print, but a pdf here)

is beside the point (Big Game Books tinyside #34, 2007) (edition of 50, out of print, but a pdf here)

on stealing lips (The Martian Press, 2006) (edition of 60, out of print, but a pdf here)

mindfulness (moria, 2006) (also as pdf here)

in swedish

räkning dödar (668 förlag, 2010)

Die Kinder aus Berlin (med Petra Palm) (PoFot, 2010)


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